Synergy 20 kW

Full House Transfer Switch

Model #7041

Premium whole-house backup power with patented G-Flex™ variable speed technology that matches engine speed to electrical demand.

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  • Patented G-Flex™ Technology

    Allows the Generac Synergy home standby generator to vary its speed based upon electrical demand. It will run slower—and quieter—when you use less electricity. And during its weekly exercise, you’ll hear only about as much sound as if you were riding in a luxury car. The Synergy also consumes less fuel when electricity demand is light, saving you money. And G-Flex technology delivers electricity with less than 2.0% total harmonic distortion (THD)—lower than IEEE standards for utility power— to properly power modern electronics and sensitive appliances.


    Your Guardian Series generator might have to get you through days—or weeks—without utility power. Its OHVI engine, specifically designed for generator use, provides the reliability to power through the most severe outages.


    Thanks to Quiet-Test, your Guardian Series home backup generator runs its weekly self-test at a lower RPM.


    Mobile Link is the cellular remote monitoring system from Generac that lets you check on your generator’s status even when you are away using your computer, tablet or smartphone.


    Best-in-class power quality with less than 5% total harmonic distortion means clean, smooth operation of your sensitive electronics and appliances.


    The next generation of intuitive controllers features a multilingual, two-line LCD text display with color-coded, backlit buttons.

Transfer Switch Type: 100 or 200 Amp Service Rated
Natural Gas Rating: 18 kW
Amps @ 240V LPG: 83.3
Amps @ 240V NG 75
Engine / Alernator RPM 2700/3600
Fuel Consumption @ 1/2 Load - NG cu. ft/hr: Variable Speed 174
Fuel Consumption @ Full Load - NG cu. ft/hr: Variable Speed 285
Fuel Consumption @ 1/2 Load - LPG cu. ft/hr (gal/hr): Variable Speed 59.7 (1.64)
Fuel Consumption @ Full Load - LPG ch. ft/hr (gal/hr: Variable Speed 123.7 (3.4)
Gas Pressure on Water Column (NG Only): 3.5 to 7 Inches
db(A) at Exercise: 57
db(A) at Normal Operating Load 63
Enclosure: Aluminum
Enclosure Color: Grey
Standard Warranty: 5-Year Limited (2 Years Parts/Labor - 3 Year Select Parts)
Extended Warranty: 5-Year Extended (5 Year Parts/Labor)
Dimensions: 48" x 25" 29 1/2"
Weight: 471 lbs.
Sell Sheet:
Spec Sheet:
5 Year Limited Warranty:
5 Year Extended Warranty:
7 Year Extended Warranty:
10 Year Extended Warranty:

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