You made an investment in a standby generator for your home.

You want your generator to run at maximum effeciently, and as long as possible. A standby generator can conceivably last 15 to 20 years if properly maintained. The best way to ensure your investment will have a long, reliable operating life is to maintain it though O.J. Mann Electric’s Preventative Maintenance Program- performed twice a year, every 6 months.

What We Offer

Our preventative maintenance package consists of two yearly visits, every six months. During each visit we provide you an itemzied checklist of everything we have inspected, leaving a copy for you, and keeping one for our records. Each 6 month cycle includes a thorough examination of your generator performing the following:

Every Six Months

  • Change oil and oil filter.
  • Free oil analysis if requested.
  • Drain and change oil with industrial graded oil suitable for New England environments and manufacturer specifications.
  • Clean the generator internally of any debris and maintain generator clearances for safe operating conditions.
  • Check and document off the electronic controller the running hours, running hertz, output voltage, and running RPM.
  • Confirm the gas pressure to generator is at a suitable level to fuel the generator during an outage.
  • Thoroughly check the battery for proper voltage, clean the terminal and post, and check the charger.
  • Check computer data for software faults- upgrading firmware if applicable.
  • Perform battery load test.
  • Additional services are provided applicable to liquid cooled generators.

During our once a year visit we test your generator under a simulated outage- briefly shutting power to your home. Your weekly self test performs the essential operation of cycling the engine, but will not test the electrical load during an outage. During this maintenance cycle we perform our routine six month maintenance schedule, and perform the following:

Once a Year

  • Thoroughly check all connections at the automatic transfer switch.
  • Perform a generator electric load test (simulated outage) to confirm performance.
  • Replace the air filter.
  • Replace the spark plugs.
  • Oil analysis.

Once Every Four Years

  • Battery Replacement.

Why should I change my oil every six months?

Oil degradation is inevitable in a stationary engine that runs outside. Condensation and contaminant build-up will occur due to the highly variable temperature and humidity changes in New England. We offer a free no-cost oil analysis of the oil in your standby generator. The samples below are of the initial clean oil placed during our routine preventative maintenance services, and a sample after just 6 months. Sample One is clean, bright, semi-transparent- what clean oil should look like. Sample Two is cloudy and murky- contaminated by environmental condensation and particles.

Sample One
Clean Oil
This sample is standard new oil graded 5W-30.
Sample Two
Contaminated Oil
This is the same grade oil six-months after use on a generator.

Our Preventative Maintenance Packages