No More Gas Lines

Convert your gasoline portable generator to run on propane or natural gas.

You bought a portable generator so you won’t have to hassle with an outage. Why put up with the hassle of an unreliable fuel source. Covert your gasoling portable generator to run on the most stable, reliable fuel sources available: propane or natural gas.

Propane and natural gas is available. Twenty pound propane bottles are readily available at nearly any grocery, convenience store, or gas station. If natural gas is available at your home, you can tap into that same gas line to fuel your portable.

Propane and natural gas is commercial grade power. Commercial generators do not run on gasoline, they run on diesel, natural gas, or propane. Businesses and health care centers require a dedicated, reliable fuel source for mission critical operation. Converting your portable give you commercial grade power.

Propane and natural gas is reliable. Natural gas and propane are non-corrosive, and will not gum up like gasoling over a short period of time.

Propane and natural gas will provide more run time. Run time for one 20 pound propane bottle is simular to one gasoline fill. A 5,000 watt portable will run about 8 hours on one 20 pount propane bottle. Pair up with multiple or larger tanks, and you will have fuel for days.

And you can still use gasoline. You can easily run gasoline again by disconnecting the conversion kit from the fuel tank, and go back to running on gasoline.

Pricing: $395.00 Installed*


  • Propane Coversion Kit
  • Installation of Kit at Our Service Department
  • 10′ Flexible House with Quick Disconnect for Fuel

Tell us the model and manufacturer of your portable and your fuel source of either propane or natural gas. Pricing is for customer drop off of generator at our service department with later pick up. If you would like the kit installed at your home, there is an additional trip charge. If you do not have your portable connected to your electrical panel, we can provide the unit and installation of a manual transfer switch.

*$395.00 pricing is for portable generators 8000 watts and below. Additional kit pricing for generators above 8000 watts can be provided. Does not include generaotr, fuel source, or electrical connection to the home. For natural gas you will need a licensed plumber to provide the connection to your natural gas meter. For larger sized propane tanks, you may need a licensed plumber to provide the propane connection and tanks.

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