Summer 2022 Generator Lead Time

The last couple years have seen an unprecedented delay in manufacturing for the production of appliances, cars, and standby generators. The major manufacturers of generators have been months out on orders, but not today. There has been significant progress just recently. Generac, the largest manufacturer of standby generators in North American, are able to manufacture […]

Production Delay Standby Generators

We are living in a global economy that has been affected by material shortages since the beginning of COVID-19. One of the hardest hit markets are industries requiring semi conductor chips for their products- from automobiles to standby generators. This has caused delays in production to all manufacturers of generators. By the second quarter of […]

Snow Removal for Your Generator

Shovel Your Standby Generator Winter

As we begin 2022 with some snow, O.J. Mann Electric would like to send you some friendly reminders…If you have an appointment with us and we receive a significant amount of snow, if possible, please make a path for us to get to your generator as well as clearing on and around the generator. Any effort is […]

We have 22 kW Generac Generators in Stock!

O.J. Mann Electric Stock 22 kW Generators

O.J. Mann Generators of CT now have 22 kW Generac generators in stock in our warehouse this month! The 22 kW models are perfect for whole house coverage for most homes between two to three thousand square feet or more. We have limited stock, so contact us before we run out! We install throughout the […]