Automatic standby generator require fuel to operate- either natural gas or liquid propane.

If you have propane in your home, let us know what size propane tank(s) you currently have. Stand-up tanks are typically rated at 60, 80, 120, or 500 gallons. If your propane is buried, there will be a tank cover in your yard where the underground tank is filled. Automatic generators typically require (2) 120 tanks at minimum to operate for at least a week of power loss.

If you have natural gas in your home, you will have a natural gas meter either outside along the foundation of the home; or if it is an older home, inside the basement. It is common that your natural gas meter will require a meter upgrade. It is possible that there will be a cost to upgrade the meter. O.J. Mann Generators of CT will coordinate with the gas company on the meter request. We will require the number of appliances running on natural gas in your home.

1. Propane: Photo of the propane tank(s) or tank cover if a buried tank.
2. Natural Gas: Photo of the natural gas meter.